Novgorod confectionery factory
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Novgorod confectionery factory

About company

Novgorod confectionery factory is a modern Russian production site based in an ancient Russian city of Velikiy Novgorod in the North-west of Russia, founded in 1991, and manufacturing a wide range of confectionary: fondant candies, jelly candies, soufflé candies, milk candies (like Korovka), soft-caramel candies, nougat, sweet bars, candied dried fruits, and other goods.

The plant is supplied with high-tech modern equipment, packing machines and controlling and measuring devices, made both in Russia, and in other countries. The employees of the plant constantly work on improvement of the compounding and optimization of technological processes, development of new products. The quality control system for the manufactured products based on HASPP principles, was implemented and is constantly improving. The employees of the production site systematically go through further training in different training and educational centers, attend different thematic seminars and courses.

Constant search of new directions in the development of the range, improvement of the product quality, optimization of technological processes enables us to strengthen the reputation of the plant at the confectionary market with every year.

The products of our plant are distinguished with awards, certificates of quality, and were conferred on the title of “The best product of Russia.”

Novgorod confectionary plant is an active participant of international exhibitions.

Our vision: to make tasty, affordable and high-quality products for consumers of any age and income.

Novgorod confectionary factory